We are gathered here today to remember our lost and broken items.

Despite our light and meticulous packing, we continue to loose and/or break things as we move from place to place. It’s become a hilarious joke between us and we thought some of you might relate to loosing items during travel too… let’s all cross our fingers this list doesn’t continue to grow.

  1. Travel charger/surge protector (blew up because Chelsea was watering a thirsty hanging plant with an perforated bottom)
  2. Chelsea’s nose ring
  3. Nalgene #1
  4. Chelsea’s sunglasses #1
  5. Electric toothbrush
  6. Special fluoride toothpaste (no dentist for 9 months is ROUGH!)
  7. Chelsea’s rain jacket
  8. Chelsea sunglasses #2
  9. Adam’s travel neck pillow
  10. Adam’s volleyball (popped! No worries he brought 2…)